Shelley's Round Side Table Makeover

I started by painting the base with a mix of equal parts of Florence and Antibes Green.  Once the paint dried I lightly distressed the table using a scotch brite scouring pad.  I chose to use the scotch brite over sand paper because even when I used 1000 grit it was taking off the original finish, going down to the bare wood.  Then Clear Wax was applied.  

For the top of the table, I painted the entire top of the table with Graphite.  Once the paint dried, I taped off the sections I wanted to paint white.  I applied 2 coats of Pure White.  After the paint dried I sanded the top and distressed the edges of the table with 500 grit sand paper.  Clear wax was applied first, followed by Dark Wax. 


When Shelley was in high school she entered into a program redoing furniture for a silent auction. Little did she know that this was a creative outlet that would stay with her for years. She still creates beautiful pieces of furniture but doesn't miss the sanding and priming of old techniques. Shelley's pieces are usually more neutral but enjoys a little color now and then. Her favorite Annie Sloan color is Duck Egg Blue. 

Heather's Chair Transformation...Boring to Chic!

Everyone at Rhonda J's Shoppes loves to paint! We also love to share and inspire our customers to transform their lives with just a bit of paint. Here is a recent transformation from Heather in our Buda TX Shoppe!

Transforming solid wood chairs from boring to chic is easy with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. You can even create custom colors with ease. This fresh look is contemporary yet a bit shabby and has a whole lot of personality!

For this project I created a custom mix of equal parts Emperor’s Silk and Barcelona Orange to make a beautiful coral color. To get more of a red undertone I added just a bit more Emperor’s Silk to the mix. If you want a more pink undertone just simply add a small amount of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan color Pure White.

Here are the steps I used to create a simple but fabulous chair transformation.

1. Painted entire chair with two coats Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan color Pure White.
2. Made custom color coral by combining Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan colors Emperor’s Silk and Barcelona Orange.
3. Using small quatrefoil stencil and coral color mix, stenciled seat of chair only.
3. Once stenciled seat was dry to the touch it was slightly distressed over entire chair.
4. The final step was a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Now this chair is contemporary, a little bit shabby and a whole lot of fun!
— Heather from Shoppe by the Railroad - Buda Texas

To learn more about Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan or stenciling visit our one of three locations!

On the site with Rhonda J - Transforming Tile

Rhonda has been missing in action the last couple of months! She has been busy transforming homes all over Texas. Here is a sneak peak at one of her recent projects. In this home Rhonda used Chalk Paint®  by Annie Sloan, Clear Topcoat Sealer by Artisan Enhancements®,  and a custom tile design to create one-of-a-kind painted tile surfaces.

Before Tile Backsplash

Before Tile Backsplash

After painted tile backsplash

After painted tile backsplash

Detail shot of custom tile backsplash.

Detail shot of custom tile backsplash.

Using the same custom stencil pattern, Rhonda added a little "pizzaz" to a plain concrete floor.

If you want to learn how to use stencils with Chalk Paint® sign up for a one on one with Rhonda J! 

Transforming Unfinished Wood with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

In a previous blog post we shared one of Rhonda's method for staining wood using Annie Sloan's Dark Wax.

After: Finished Bed Transformation

After: Finished Bed Transformation

Using the bed previously stained with Dark Wax, Rhonda completes the transformation using Old White Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

Supplies and Tools:


Annie Sloan Waxes & Quality Lint Free Rag

The Method

Rhonda used the Annie Sloan Pure Bristle brush to apply a even thin coat of Old White Chalk Paint®. Since the desired look for this bed would be a distressed finish, the paint was applied thinly but evenly.

Using a distressing tool, Scotch-Brite® Non-Scratch Scour Green Pad, Rhonda lightly distressed the painted surface. The distressing technique reveals the stained wood below the painted surface to add weathering and dimension to piece.

Rhonda sealed the paint with Annie Sloan's Clear Wax and added aging using Annie Sloan's Dark Wax.

Project Start to Finish Gallery

To learn hands-on how to create an authentic distressed finish accented with Clear and Dark Wax, take a workshop at Rhonda J's Shoppes.

Staining Unfinished Wood Part 2 - Staining Wood using Chalk Paint®

Another technique getting a lot of attention recently is staining wood using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan!

In a series of videos, Annie Sloan shared her step-by-step method of staining unfinished wood with Chalk Paint® to achieve a faux-mahogany wood tone.

If you want to try this technique, here is fun little How- To project from the team at Annie Sloan Unfolded, the US distribution company for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan.

Image from of Annie Sloan Unfolded

Image from of Annie Sloan Unfolded

Staining Unfinished Wood Part 1 - Staining using Dark Wax

One of the newest trends in the world of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan is staining unfinished wood with Annie Sloan Waxes or Chalk Paint®.

Staining Unfinished Wood Part 1 - Staining using Dark Wax

Recently on a faux finishing job Rhonda got the opportunity to use one of her favorite techniques on an unfinished wood bed. Here is quick overviewof staining wood with Annie Sloan's Dark Wax.

Supplies & Tools

-Annie Sloan Dark Wax

-Low Odor or Odorless Clear Mineral Spirits

-Inexpensive Chip Brush

-Quality Lint Free Rag

Prepare unfinished wood by removing any excess saw dust or debris that may be present.

Before Untreated & Unfinished Wood

Before Untreated & Unfinished Wood

Create a "stain" mixture using a small amount mineral spirits mixed with dark wax. Add enough mineral spirits to "loosen" and slightly liquefy the wax. The wax mixture should be smooth, not too runny, and easy applied with brush and rag.

Be cautious when adding the mineral spirits to the dark wax. Start with a small amount and add more if needed. The amount of mineral spirits to dark wax will depend on the look you are trying to achieve.  Always note your recipe and test your mixture on a sample piece before doing your whole project.

Use your chip brush to apply the dark wax stain mixture. Rhonda prefers to work in linear strokes in the direction of the wood grain.

 To blend and spread your stain mixture, use a cloth to really work the stain into the surface of the unfinished wood. The stain mixture will need to cure at least 24 hours before using the piece. The cure time will allow the stain to soak deep into the wood fibers.

If you wish to do an additional painted finish over the stain allow the stained surface to set-up at least 24 hours before applying paint. 

After Stain

After Stain

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Dark Waxes are available for purchase at any of Rhonda J's Shoppes or online from Shoppe Ita!

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Chest of Drawers Transformation using Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan

Our last painted chest of drawers was a very popular posting! So we figured we would share another! This chest of drawers was also transformed by the very talented Shelley in our Shoppe in Buda, Texas.

Here is her simple process!

Shelley began by painting the drawers in Country Grey Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan.

To create a beautiful fresh look to the piece , Shelley decided to paint the body and hardware of the dresser Pure White Chalk Paint ® by Annie Sloan.

Using a 500 grit sand paper Shelley distressed the piece.

The piece was sealed and finished Clear Soft Wax by Annie Sloan.

Join the Rhonda J's Shoppe team at the San Antonio Ultimate Women’s Expo!

Join the Rhonda J's Shoppe team at the San Antonio Ultimate Women’s Expo!

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SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2015    
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Iza Pearl is now at Rhonda J's Shoppes!

We are really excited to introduce another great line to Rhonda J's Shoppes!

"Iza Pearl" creator Melissa designs the prints that make Iza Pearl sleepwear and PJ's for the kiddos completely unique.

Iza Pearl Sleepwear
Pj’s. Jammies. Jam-jams. Sleepy suits. No matter what you call them, our pajamas are anything but a snoozefest.
— Iza Pearl
Iza Pearl Sleep Shorts

Iza Pearl uses the highest quality fabrics that are super soft, and hold-up against the test of time. Slip on a set of happy and fresh Iza Pearl pajamas and settle in for a night of awesome dreaming.

Melissa's designs are created in her studio in Dallas, TX and she prides herself on being made in the USA.

Our top-drawer worthy pj’s are made in Dallas, Texas, ya’ll, right here in the good ole’ U.S. of A! We work with a small factory literally 15 minutes from our house that is comprised of talented and caring artisans. Our pajamas are made with pride, passion and great love for all involved.
— Iza Pearl

You won’t find sleepwear as fun or comfortable anywhere else. 

Stenciled Concrete Floor with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan

We love sharing all the amazing Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan projects completed by our wonderful customers. Last week we were sent a gorgeous painted concrete floor from a customer in Buda, Texas.

Floor Overall
Floor Detail

The customer was inspired by an image of a stenciled floor that she really loved. Through a bit of research, she located the exact same stencil from Royal Design Studios Stencils. After watching a quick tutorial she got to work stenciling the concrete floor with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan!

The space was truly transformed into a fabulous mix of "Modern Rustic" through the use of the graphic stencil, industrial concrete, and beautiful warm timber.

Bath Stencil Floor

The space is currently being used by a Women's fashion boutique in Buda, Texas named Stella's Women's Fashion Consignment Boutique.

See the floor at Stella's Women's Fashion Consignment Boutique - 304 S Main, Suite 101, Buda, Texas 78610

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