Rhonda's Tip #3 - Crackle... Get Crackin'

Crackle is one of the oldest techniques used by faux artists, decorative painters, and furniture finishers. Crackle can be used to create a weathered paint finish, a textured chip crackle, or a natural aged crackle.

There are many ways to achieve a crackle finish. Here are some of our favorites!

Annie Sloan's Craqueleur is a two-part technique used to achieve a fine crackled finish that looks like cracked varnish found on antiques or an old master painting.

Easy Crackle reproduces a subtle authentic crackle appearance. Easy crackle is a simple paint medium that can be used to create the look of weathered paint in a few quick steps.

Crackle Tex can be used with just Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan or for thick crackle textures combine Chalk Paint® with Artisan Enhancements® products like VP Antico or Fine Stone. We love Crackle Tex for our chip crackle techniques!

If you want some hands-on experience with any of these crackle mediums visit Rhonda J's Shoppes and sign-up for a one hour private session with Rhonda J!