The "Patina" Look!

Want to get the "patina" look? 
Jen from our Boerne Shoppe shares one of her favorite methods for achieving a two color patina finish. Perfect for cabinets, hardware, and furniture!

Shopping List:
Florence Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan
Duck Egg Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan
Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax
Annie Sloan Dark  Soft Wax

Paint and Wax Brushes
Distressing Tools
Buffing Cloths
The Method

1.       Apply basecoat of Florence Chalk Paint®.
2.      Once basecoat is completely dry, apply a topcoat of Duck Egg Chalk Paint®.
3.      When the Duck Egg topcoat is dry to the touch, begin distressing with your preferred distressing tools. The distressing process will reveal the Florence basecoat beneath the Duck Egg topcoat.
4.      After you have finished distressing, seal your piece with Annie Sloan's Clear Soft Wax using your wax brush and buffing cloths.
5.      Add touches of Annie Sloan Dark Soft Wax to areas like doors and drawers, to enhance patina for a more authentically aged finish.

For more hands on, step-by-step, two color distressing and waxing techniques attend a Chalk Paint® workshop at one of Rhonda J's Locations