Chalk Paint® 101


Chalk Paint® 101


Get hands on experience using Chalk Paint® and Soft Waxes. See below for more information about the workshoppe as well as class location, date, and times.

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In this workshoppe, you will learn 5 different techniques for achieving unique finishes. These techniques include a smooth finish, impasto look, clouded stipple, 2-tone, and a color wash. You will also learn how to use clear wax, white wax, dark wax and black wax. Students leave this class feeling like a professional! You will learn the do's and don'ts, tricks of the trade, and all the information you need to create beautiful results for every project. Every student will leave with boards they practice the 5 techniques on, a color chart, a 10% off discount for the week after the workshoppe, and -most importantly- confidence in their Chalk Paint® skills! All materials are provided, the class is about 3 hours, is limited to 4 students and costs $125.

Upcoming Classes:


Tuesday, September 11th @ 10am-1pm

San Antonio

Saturday, September 1st @ 10am-1pm

Saturday, September 15th @ 10am-1pm

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